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Rent-A-Girlfriend V07

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Rent-A-Girlfriend V07

$19.95 AUD
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Mizuhara plans to quit her rental girlfriend job to pursue an acting career, and Kazuya, finally aware of his feelings for her, is left unsure of what to do. Without their pretend relationship, the pair are nothing more than neighbors...right? After taking some time to reflect (and stalking Mizuhara by secretly watching one of her theater performances), Kazuya is ready to let his feelings go. However, a sudden invitation from Mizuhara to spend an off-the-clock evening together throws him for a total loop. Could this be the long-awaited chance to push past the client/rental barrier and become something more?
Produced by:
Rent-A-Girlfriend (view more in this series)
Created by:
Reiji Miyajima (view more by this creator)
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