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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing V11

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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing V11

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In order to alter the vision of the future shown by the ZERO system, Zechs and Heero exchange their mechas, the Gundam Epyon and the Wing Gundam. Relena acquiesces to Duke Dermail's request that she become the representative of the Romefeller Foundation, which now has the whole world under its control. Relena knows that she is being used as a puppet, but even so, she uses the chance to show the world how she intends to fight. Her stance has an effect on those around her, including an old enemy...
Produced by:
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (view more in this series)
Created by:
Hajime Yatate (view more by this creator)
Tomofumi Ogasawara (view more by this creator)
Yoshiyuki Tomino (view more by this creator)
Katsuyuki Sumizawa (view more by this creator)