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Unwanted Undead Adventurer Novel V07

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Unwanted Undead Adventurer Novel V07

$25.41 AUD
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Now that they can travel by teleportation circle, Rentt and Lorraine visit Vistelya, the capital of the Kingdom of Yaaran. Lorraine uses magic to hide their identities, and Rentt checks out the guild headquarters. There, the duo gets involved with Augurey, an adventurer from Maalt. When Augurey clues in to their identities, he agrees to a magical contract to seal his lips. However, on the way to the temple of Hozei, the group comes across monsters attacking a carriage...with a surprising occupant! As if that isn't enough, the God of Contracts herself shows up to oversee the whole affair. It's one thing after another for Rentt and Lorraine! Can they find peace and relaxation in Hathara after all this? Or are there more surprises in store?
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Unwanted Undead Adventurer (view more in this series)
Created by:
Yu Okano (view more by this creator)
Jaian (view more by this creator)
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