What is Ichiban Kuji?

Ichiban Kuji is the anime prize lottery raffle by BANDAI Spirits. Each set features prizes from a specific series from Japan. You can expect some very unique figures, artwork and keychains as well as glasses, bottles, and even towels. As each prize greatly varies in size, we are unable to sell these tickets online and thus these sets are in-store exclusives. The sets are limited so once we sell out, you may never see these prizes again!

Remember, every ticket is a winner!

How to play Ichiban Kuji

Playing is so easy!

  1. Pick up a card for your desired set at the Ichiban Kuji counter, or let a Zombster sales person know which set you would like to buy from and how many tickets you're after.
  2. Pay at the counter for your tickets.
  3. The Zombster sales person will present you with the selection of available tickets to choose from. Each ticket looks the same, so who knows what prize it could be?
  4. After choosing your ticket, peel open the ticket to reveal a letter. This letter represents the prize category you have won from.
  5. Hand your ticket over to the Zombster sales person to receive your prize. Your prize may be a specific item, or you may have a choice of items. Some items may be lucky dips in themselves.

* While Zombster cannot exchange prizes for prizes that haven't been redeemed yet, we can help facilitate the exchange of won prizes from the same set with other customers. Please leave your undesired prize with us with your preference of prizes and your contact details. Remember to be reasonable, you can't expect someone to exchange a top figure prize for your keychain. We cannot guarantee an exchange, but it does happen! You might get lucky!

What is the "Last One" Prize?

Each set of Ichiban Kuji has a specific number of tickets. Most sets contain 80 tickets, but some sets may have more or less. When the very last ticket from that set is sold, that individual also gets to take home the "Last One" prize. Usually this prize is a special unique version of one of the top prizes. So while it may be worth waiting for tickets to sell to improve your chances of winning a good prize, you don't want to wait too long because someone might just buy all of the remaining tickets to get that special "Last One"!

When and where is the next set announced?

New sets are generally announced on Thursdays as we put the new set on display. We like it to be a surprise so we don't announce sets early. Announcements are made at 2 PM Brisbane time on our Facebook page.