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Infinite Dendrogram Novel V03

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Infinite Dendrogram Novel V03

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The day after Ray and Hugo faced off against the vile Gouz-Maise Gang, the city of Gideon was far livelier than usual, brimming with excitement and anticipation for a certain event. As one would expect from a metropolis bearing the title of "city of duels," the event was a match between two highly notable duelists: Figaro -- the local hero -- and Xunyu -- one of the most powerful individuals from the far-east empire of Huang He. Both were Masters wielding the powers of Superior Embryos, and both would give their all to fight, make merry and emerge victorious. But a malicious plan unfurls itself in the shadows, who is it that seeks to strike the Kingdom of Altar at its most vulnerable?
Produced by:
Infinite Dendrogram (view more in this series)
Created by:
Sakon Kaidou (view more by this creator)
Taiki (view more by this creator)
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