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Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow V02

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Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow V02

$15.41 AUD
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From the moment they met at the Aquarium Club's open house, Konatsu has admired Koyuki and treated her like she wasn't a distant figure on a pedestal. In turn, Koyuki has been open and welcoming to the new girl who stirs her heart. When the time comes to pick a club, Konatsu chooses the Aquarium Club with Koyuki. And even though it's just the two of them, they manage to host a successful open house. What's next for Koyuki and Konatsu, now that the shared experience has deepened the bond between them?
Produced by:
Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow (view more in this series)
Created by:
Makoto Hagino (view more by this creator)
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