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No Longer Allowed in Another World V04

$25.41 AUD

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No Longer Allowed in Another World V04

$25.41 AUD

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Together, heroes summoned from another world defeated the dreaded Dark Lord-but those very same heroes have become an even greater peril. They've made the world into their playground, using their skills and powers for personal gain. But the melancholy author known as "Sensei" is different. He alone has the power to send his fellow otherworlders back home to Earth. Trouble is, he's an unreliable, unpredictable, and deeply moody fellow with absolutely zero sense of self-preservation. When his party encounters a town with an exploitative casino, Sensei develops a fascination with a woman unjustly vilified as a "witch." Holding pen in hand, he spins the tale of a complex world where not all things are black and white.
Produced by:
No Longer Allowed in Another World (view more in this series)
Created by:
Hiroshi Noda (view more by this creator)
Takahiro Wakamatsu (view more by this creator)
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