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Akane-Banashi V04

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Akane-Banashi V04

$20.86 AUD
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Shinta Arakawa wants nothing more than to pass his shin'uchi exam--the test that would make him a top-rank headliner and master storyteller in the traditional Japanese art of rakugo. Akane Osaki, his daughter and biggest fan, spies on him while he practices and learns his routines for herself. When rakugo master Issho Arakawa expels everyone after the exam with no explanation, a fire is lit inside Akane. From that day forth, she has had one goal--to avenge her father and prove his art was worthy of the title of shin'uchi. During the final round of the Karaku Cup, Akane delivers a performance that spellbinds the audience. As the crowd is gripped with emotion, Akane receives a shocking review from her most hated foe, Issho Arakawa. Who will emerge victorious at the competition andnget to have a one-on-one talk with the man who ruined the life of Akane's father? As the thrilling Karaku Cup comes to its conclusion, a new chapter unfolds... What awaits Akane on the next stage of her journey to become a professional rakugoka?
Produced by:
Akane-Banashi (view more in this series)
Created by:
Yuki Suenaga (view more by this creator)
Takamasa Moue (view more by this creator)
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