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Slayers Novel V13-V15 Collector's Edition

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Slayers Novel V13-V15 Collector's Edition

$57.23 AUD
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Following some great news (not) from an old friend about the impending end of the world, Gourry and I are right back in Gyria City to get to the bottom of the surging hordes of demidemons terrorizing the place. And you can rest assured it's not that simple. Afterward, we take a chill trip (not) to the so-called City of Temples, where the local church bigwigs are all at each other's throats after a recent arson-slash-murder. Nothing like a little suspicion to bring out the best in people, eh? Then, boy, am I glad to be off to Sairaag again (not)! There's no two ways about it--the hard-luck town is the epicenter of all the creepy shenanigans going on lately. So what better way to put a stop to it than to go there and handle it myself? After all, this one turns out to be personal...
Produced by:
Slayers (view more in this series)
Created by:
Hajime Kanzaka (view more by this creator)
Rui Araizumi (view more by this creator)
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